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Welcome to Gonzales, La. Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, we are part of one of the fastest growing areas in the state - Ascension Parish. We are the center for much of what makes south Louisiana truly unique and wonderful.

Our area is home to some of the south's most interesting and informative tourist attractions. There are no less than a dozen Antebellum plantation homes within a short drive just ready for your visit. And we are known for some of the best restaurants in the country serving every cuisine you can think of. From the best Cajun and Creole menus to casual and fast food, we have it - after all Gonzales is known as the "Jambalaya Capital of the World!".

So whether you're up for a great vacation or looking to relocate, we're sure that you'll agree when we say, "We've got it all"!

Our Mission

The City of Gonzales will strive to pursue the efficient operation of all aspects of government within its purview, including the services of streets, drainage, recreation, fire, police, permitting, sanitation, water, wastewater, natural gas and tourism, which will provide an atmosphere in which commerce can thrive, as well as a higher quality of life and safe environment for the citizens of the city.

"Jambalaya Capital of the World”

Named after Joseph Gonzales, the city of Gonzales "The Jambalaya Capital of the World" is a melting pot of nationalities. Just as jambalaya is a mixture of different meats, spices, and rice, so are the residents who make up this southern and friendly city. On April 12, 1922 Governor John M. Parker declared and proclaimed the status of "Village of Gonzales"; on May 4, 1952, Governor Earl K Long documented the growth of the village allowing for the proclaimed designation as "Town of Gonzales". During the 1950's a major transition occurred as industrial plants began to locate along the Mississippi river; creating a revolutionary growth. These industrial corporations induced hundreds of new residents to the town and the population soared rapidly. Commerce quickly developed, keeping pace with the industrial developments.
On the 17th day of August, 1977 Governor Edwin Edwards officially proclaimed and designated the newly established "City of Gonzales". Gonzales is now the commercial hub of Ascension Parish as well as the largest municipality in the parish. Rich in history and tradition, diverse in its ethnic background, Gonzales is both interesting and exciting. The lifestyle, food and music contains such a lively mixture of native American, French, Spanish, African, Acadian, German and Italian influences as to be totally unique.

Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Gonzales, Louisiana is known as the "Jambalaya Capital of the World". In 1881, a Spanish immigrant, "Tee Joe" Gonzales gave this city its name by forming a new community on his cornfield.(see History)

Gonzales enjoys a prime location near the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast with strong rail and highway connections linking it to the world. The hard working people of Gonzales find time for recreation, too. Sports of every type abound here and in the naturally temperate climate they are played year round.

The City is best known, however, for the Jambalaya Festival, which it hosts each year to honor the first Cajun settlers.



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